1. "First Time" or "Top-To-Bottom" cleanings are charged at an hourly rate. Regularly scheduled cleanings are charged at a fixed price each cleaning, not by the hour. Prices are subject to change. Notice will be provided before any price changes.

2. Payment is due at the time of service except by advance arrangement. We accept cash, checks and credit cards, but every client must have a valid credit or debit card number on file regardless of preferred payment type.

3. Please--"Runaway", scary or dangerous pets must be outside or confined to a safe place while cleaning.

4. Occupants are asked to move temporarily to other rooms in the home, if possible, while the room they are using is being cleaned by our staff
5. Please try not to schedule other trades people at the same time that your cleaning team is in your home.

6. We prefer to have a key to your home, if possible. We safeguard your keys in a locked box with a computerized code identification number, or you can hide a key on the property for us.

7. Our work is guaranteed. However, deficiencies must be reported within 24 hours and will be corrected the next day. Breakage or damage to your home must be reported within 24 hours for our inspection!

8. MasterCare provides all cleaning products and equipment. We will use your products only if you make advance arrangements with our office. If we use your cleaning products or equipment we do not guarantee results. Most of our products are certified green or eco-friendly. We try to avoid products with fragrances. Oven cleaning products and toilet bowl cleaners are not green or eco-friendly, but they work very well—we think that's a good use of "chemical" cleaners. If you have mold and mildew in your shower or bath we may use a very strong chlorine-based cleaner to remove it, and you may smell a faint lingering odor like bleach until the bathroom airs out.

9. Employees are not allowed to make separate arrangements to do "side work" at your home. Please report any requests by employees for additional work. Remember that employees working at your home "off the clock" are not covered by our insurance or workers comp and are not insured or responsible for damage to your home or possessions, and are not bonded for theft.

10. This service agreement prohibits your solicitation and employment of our employees for 2 years after their last day of employment at MasterCare. If you recruit or hire a past or current employee of MasterCare for your personal or business needs, you agree to pay MasterCare a $3000 referral fee immediately upon hiring. Our employees have all signed contracts with MasterCare agreeing not to accept employment from any past or current client for 2 years after leaving the company. Any employee accepting employment under these conditions is subject to legal sanctions.

11. We occasionally offer email and online discount coupons. Please provide your email address! We also offer referral discounts—please tell your friends about MasterCare, get $25 off your next cleaning!

12. Appointment times are approximations! Our teams are affected by traffic conditions and are sometimes off-schedule because of situations at the prior client's home. We have NEVER missed an appointment! We give you a 1 hour "window" around the time we will be arriving (much better than the phone company or gas company!) If we are going to be more than 15 minutes early or late for an appointment
we will try to contact you by phone, text or email. If you MUST have an exact arrival time each cleaning, there may be additional service charges for that benefit.

13. If you skip a cleaning, the next cleaning will be billed at a higher rate because the house will require additional time to clean. Additional fees are as follows: 1 week past appointment adds 10%; two weeks, add 20%; three weeks, add 30%; and four weeks, add 50%. If cleaning is delayed more than 6 weeks past your appointment date, your cleaning will be re-scheduled at the initial full-service rate (1st Time or "Top-To-Bottom" rate).

14. Special cleaning requests and changes to your work order must be placed through the office at least 3 days in advance of your appointment, and not directly with your cleaning team. Please call the office at (805) 683-1915.

15. MasterCare will provide you with a signed and dated copy of these Service Terms and they will be left at your home with your first invoice.

16. Cancellations: Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before scheduled arrival time will be charged 50% of the regular cleaning fee, and your cleaning team will be paid half wages for the missed time. If we are able to fill the time slot, you will NOT be charged. Please talk to us as soon as possible about personal or family emergencies and we'll try to work with you to reschedule to avoid the penalty charge.

17. Lockouts: If the team arrives at your home and is not able to enter and clean for any reason, your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the cleaning. Avoid lockouts by providing us with a key! Most of our clients entrust us with a key and security codes, a responsibility we take very seriously. YOUR CLEANING TEAM WILL BE PAID FULL WAGES FOR THE MISSED TIME.

By accepting the use of our services you agree to these terms and conditions.


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