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Copyright 2010, MasterCare Home Cleaning

MasterCare® is Proud to be one of the Original Chapters of Cleaning for a Reason (C4R). Cleaning for a Reason is a National Non-Profit Organization Based in Texas Dedicated to Providing FREE House Cleaning Services for Women Undergoing Cancer Treatment. Services are Offered in All 50 States, and Will Soon be Available in Europe and Other Parts of the World.

All Free House Cleaning is Donated by MasterCare® Home Cleaning.

No restrictions on Age, Financial Need, Family Status, House Size
A Free House Cleaning Monthly for 4 Months
Simple Forms Required to Qualify for Services
MasterCare® is the Only Cleaning Company Offering Services in the     Santa Barbara Area

In 2009 MasterCare® Received the “Remembrance” Humanitarian Award for Providing the Most Free House Cleanings for Women with Cancer in the United States! We Donated Over 100 Free House Cleaning Visits in Santa Barbara!